Daniel Wragg - Freelance Sound Engineer

A little about me..


About Me

My name is Daniel Wragg, I am 23 years old and I work as a freelance live sound engineer. I am based in Darlington, County Durham; I’ve worked on a few small – medium scale musical theatre shows and for several PA companies across the North East of England.

My work is my main interest - I’m still young and keen at the moment! My hobbies include going to see productions at the theatre or any live music within my local area, I also attempt to play guitar/drums sometimes. At school, I completed 11 GCSEs, 3 AS-Levels (including IT and 3D Games Design).

My interest for the technical side to the entertainment industry started from an early age of around 7 or 8 when I enjoyed checking out my dad’s mobile disco equipment.

My interests changed to computers and website design when I was a little older and so I went on to study IT as a career choice. After finishing college at the age of 18 I entered a full time job in an office doing website design but after a year I began to realise an office job wasn’t for me!

I’ve always loved music and especially going to see live music, so when I started helping my friend’s band out it re kindled my love for the technical side of things. I continued to work with his band learning a bit more of the sound side of things off his dad, who owned the equipment and would mix the band. During this time we travelled around the UK and I have even had the chance to do sound for them myself at the SECC Glasgow, as part of a car show.

I started doing my own research to learn more about live sound through reading books and watching online videos and after speaking to a friend, he put me in touch a local production company. I met up with the owner and had a chat and started working as crew, box pushing and helping set up for shows. I began shadowing him on sound and asking questions further expanding my knowledge. I was slowly doing more and more live sound engineering and gaining more experience doing small band/acoustic gigs and corporate jobs. I wanted to do more live band work so I volunteered in a local music venue at the same time where I would engineer support bands and help set up. Over the years I have started working for a couple of other companies doing more gigs and gaining more experience.

During my work at the local production company I worked at a school that were putting on a production of Grease, I enjoyed the theatre concept of sound so much, that when I was asked to be a sound No2 at my local theatre on some local amateur productions I jumped at the chance! This lead to me working on the pantomime over Christmas as sound No2. I am currently working and learning more in my local theatre – Darlington Civic Theatre – working with a fantastic engineer who is teaching and passing on his knowledge and expertise of theatre productions to myself. I recently went up to Scotland to the Kings theatre Glasgow and the Edinburgh Playhouse with a Rat Pack theatre show as Sound No1.

I have worked with and met some amazing people and have made many great industry contacts. I am also slowly building up my own collection of sound equipment that I use on some of my gigs. I hope you enjoy looking around the site, and please make sure you check out my Facebook Page to view some my latest work.

Don’t forget to check out my portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you!